Report of Visit by Tammy Hoth-Hanssen, Director of AfriCat Namibia, to the UK October 2014.

It was wonderful that Tammy was able to visit the UK in October 2014 and AfriCat UK arranged a varied programme of activities talks, meetings and events, keeping her very busy!

The Conservation through Education theme was brought to the UK as Tammy met with and talked to pupils from four different schools.

As well as spreading the word on conservation Tammy met up with a range of organizations, sharing experiences and building links that will support the work of AfriCat and more generally conservation in Africa. This included


Funds and fund raising are an important part of any overseas trip. Tammy was able to meet up with some individuals and organizations that may be able to help with funding in both the short and longer term. The Big Cats: keeping them wild talk by Chris Packham on the 17th October at the RGS in London provided the main focus of fundraising activity organized by Africat UK as a part of Tammy's visit. Feedback confirms that those attending found it informative and enjoyable and thanks goes to the main sponsors of the event (Chris Packham, Expert Africa, Namibian Tourist Board, Naturally Namibia and Air Namibia) and the other stand holders Hamish Mackie with his sculpture and a fascinating display of confiscated wildlife items brought into this country illegally - very much enjoyed by many of the pupils who attended from the schools Tammy had talked too.

AfriCat UK look forward to welcoming Tammy back for future visits.


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