AfriCat America is a registered charity whose vision statement is “Carnivore Conservation, Environmental Education, Research and Community Enhancement”. We predominantly support and raise awareness of the AfriCat Foundation (a registered Namibian not for profit organisation) and The Namibian Lion Trust. 

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Covid-19: AfriCat Needs Your Help.


3 decades of hard work - this beautiful Nature Reserve is the focus of all our research and rehabilitation efforts. It is a self-sustaining eco system, unique in Namibia, which has provided so much valuable behavioral and scientific insight over the years. We have achieved so much, and the knowledge we have harvested, be it on our big cats or grazers or pangolins or hyaenas or rhinos, has contributed to considerable understanding of these threatened species.

Now, we need help!  Whilst Covid-19 has taken a terrible and very public human toll, the effects on wildlife are yet to be played out. Some stories out there have referenced that Covid-19 has allowed nature to regenerate itself - but these are not our findings. With income from AfriCat supporters and Okonjima guests at near nil, our world has turned upside down. 

For the first time ‘the habitat and home’ of AfriCat - is under present threat.

The AfriCat Foundation needs your help again, to protect what has been built up in the last 28-30 years, the all-important ‘habitat’ for the animals out there, for the animals that you’ve come to see, for the ones that we love and you love and you know by name and the pictures that you’ve taken and taken home with you. 

We are threatened like never before – after Covid-19 struck, we have limited staff, no resources and limited equipment.
This translates into not being able to protect this environment.
We have no means to continue even basic veterinarian care – and now research also needs to wind down without grants and donor support. 
And the most heart-breaking issue – rising poaching across the country. Everything is being poached – at the moment, mainly for food.

It is all tragic, and we understand donor fatigue and the myriad causes which all have merit, but here we stand, asking you humbly for a lifeline for these animals, at least for a few months. 

Please if you can, we will stretch every penny for the sake of the Reserve. 
Thank you, thank you. 
Team AfriCat

Please Help the work continue with a donation.