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Namibia is a vast, dry country in the southwest of Africa. With just over 2.5 million inhabitants, the country is a haven for wildlife, and its rugged scenery makes for spectacular nature photography. Yet, Covid-19 has dealt Namibia a cruel and lasting blow – the country has been in and out of ‘locked-down’ and isolated since March. Whilst the pandemic has taken a terrible and very public human toll, the effects on wildlife are yet to be played out fully. Some speculate that Covid-19 has allowed nature to regenerate itself, but the reality is a most heart-breaking issue – rising poaching across the country. Everything is being poached – at the moment, mainly for food. These are hard, hard times, and poaching pressure is at an all-time high. 

The AfriCat Foundation ( was born in the early 1990s, and AfriCat USA was subsequently established as a US-registered non-profit support organization. (AfriCat America Inc Public Charity EIN: 20-3174862)

The AfriCat Foundation, which started out primarily as a carnivore welfare organization, has since increasingly focused on educating Namibia’s young farmers and school children, communal carnivore conservation, and on research projects which are essential in accomplishing the Foundation’s mission of long-term conservation of Namibia’s large carnivores and endangered species, in their natural habitat.

The AfriCat Foundation resides within the 55,000 acre Okonjima Nature Reserve in central Namibia. Okonjima ( has been the primary income source for the AfriCat Foundation since the beginning – tourist visitors to Okonjima enable the AfriCat Foundation to undertake their good work through visitor donations and support stipends by Okonjima itself. However, with airports closed for most of this year, and the country shut down from March until October, AfriCat has no income. No staff, no resources, limited funds for fuel and emergency veterinary care and no means to protect the Reserve’s wildlife from poaching or bushfires. With only the very basic veterinarian care now available, rationed fuel for anti-poaching patrols and no way to safeguard the Reserve’s antelopes, carnivores and the other endangered species, we need your help and we humbly seek your financial support in our hour of need.

It is all tragic, and we understand donor fatigue and the myriad good causes which all have merit, yet we are afraid that rare and endangered species are more at risk than ever before. In the fog of the Covid-19 pandemic, Namibian wildlife is a victim which is facing a tipping point. The AfriCat Foundation has the will and capability to push back these very real threats, but we cannot do so alone. 

For the qualifying donation made to the AfriCat Foundation of US$ 2,250 or more, you become a “Lion Sponsor”

For the qualifying donations made to the AfriCat Foundation of US$ 1,350 or more, you become a “Leopard Sponsor”

For the qualifying donations made to the AfriCat Foundation of US$ 900 or more, you become a “Cheetah Sponsor”

For the qualifying donations made to the AfriCat Foundation of US$ 450 or more, you become a “Hyaena Sponsor”

Lion, Leopard, Cheetah or Hyaena - we invite you to visit the AfriCat Foundation in Namibia, to meet the trustees, to peer behind the scenes at the fascinating work of the Foundation to protect and preserve African wildlife, and to give you a clear sense of the vital importance of Namibia’s carnivores in their habitat. Okonjima will host you, guide you around the expansive Reserve to see its magnificent wildlife, and introduce you to the tireless campaigners for the AfriCat Foundation.

The way we see it, you are paying it forward – you are helping AfriCat now, when we need your support the most, and we undertake to bring the workings of the AfriCat Foundation to life for you at a time of your choosing.

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