The AfriCat Foundation is committed to the long-term conservation of Namibia's Large carnivores. By working with commercial and communal farmers, local communities, conservation conservancies and the youth of Namibia, the AfriCat Foundation is dependent on support to maintain its various programmes. We are a nonprofit organisation registered in Namibia and everything we do, every project we tackle, every programme we are involved with, is supported by donors and well-wishers like you.

AfriCat would love to hear from you if you are considering an event for charity. Whether this may be running a charity quiz night, a cake stall, running, swimming, jumping or other sporting pursuits or indeed anything else, we very much appreciate people doing things for us and can provide you with T shirts, information and other AfriCat branding to help you to fly the flag.

 africat sky dive fund raising

Janet Widdows jumped out of a plane!

Dan Groves and Team AfriCat completed a Tough Mudder Challenge.

Dan Groves and Team AfriCat completed a Tough Mudder Challenge.

Olivier raises money for AfriCat

Olivier made a presentation to his
school's council about raising funds
for AfriCat.

run the london marathon

The London Marathon 2012. Over the past few years 5 athletes have run this marathon for AfriCat & TUSK.

Engage your colleagues and friends to conduct a joint fund-raiser to raise donations for AfriCat.

Swim for AfriCat.

The AfriCat Environmental Education Team for AfriCat.

Flying for the environment.

london marathon

Representing your favourite cat - Paint yourself and run for the cheetah.

AfriCat stand

Carey and Chris with Shenzie the Lion,
fund raising for AfriCat.

AfriCat and Chris Packham

The AfriCat stand at one of
Chris Packham's talks.

Cycling for AfriCat.

Cycling for AfriCat - Manfred Egerer’s Sani to Sea + Epic rides for a good cause.

Cycling for AfriCat - Riaan Compaan and his mate at the end of the grueling Desert Dash!

AfriCat at the Rugby World Cup 2015.

AfriCat at the Rugby World Cup 2015. Namibia vs The All Blacks.

Graham Elliot and Andrew Pennels in an adventure race, River Kwai, Thailand.

Bruce Allen paints his van in support of conservation!

Cycling for AfriCat – Janek, Dan and Reino preparing for the Desert Dash.

Cycling for AfriCat – Dale Hanssen rides from Sani2Sea.

Cycling for AfriCat in South Africa - Sani2Sea.

James Tomlinson, AfriCat Uk Trustee ran The London Marathon 2015.

London Marathon 2016: Congratulations Simon Anderson on a brilliant running time of 2 hours 57 mins and 1 sec achieving the challenge you set yourself.