Hamish Mackie
Hamish has been a long term supporter of AfriCat and having visited Okonjima found inspiration from the close encounters with the Big Cats there for many of his sculptures. Hamish will give a donation (percentage of sale value) to AfriCat for any sculpture sold through an ‘introduction’ to his work via this web link or a personal recommendation from an AfriCat supporter.

Follow the link and marvel at his work. Do not forget if you get inspired to buy, and we hope you will, to mention you heard of him via AfriCat.

 Hamish Mackie Hamish Mackie Hamish Mackie

Pip McGarry
Pip is a wildlife artist of renown, working closely with Marwell Zoo as 'Artist in Residence' Pip has worked tirelessly to promote wildlife, conservation and the work of local artists. He takes groups to Kenya and Botswana to gain further inspiration for their work. Discussions are taking place to introduce Pip to Okonjima and for an artist tour of Okonjima and Namibia.

Check out Pip’s website and if you decide to buy one of his original prints a donation will be made to AfriCat.

cheetah painting by Annabel Pope
Annabel Pope
Annabel Pope a wildlife artist has a history of supporting charities and encouraging travel. Her passion for her subject matter is captured in her unique style and variety of mediums.  Annabel a supporter of Tusk recently stayed at Okonjima, which she said was a wonderful experience with a real chance to observe behavioural characteristica at close quarters which she finds important in her work. Her kind donation of a painting called Contended Pair was shown at the recent AfriCat Film Night. AfriCat UK is delighted that Annabel is happy to work with AfriCat in the future and has kindly offered to donate a percentage of any sales to AfriCat supporters. Check out her website and see what you might like.

November 2015 NEWS
Annabel Pope, Wildlife and Travel Artist recently donated her lovely drawing of a pair of cheetah’s to AfriCat following her visit to AfriCat in Namibia. That picture was sold at the Film Evening we held in October with AfriCat Patron Lorraine Kelly.  Following the film evening Annabel is offering these two studies of elephant and Rhino with 10% of the proceeds coming to AfriCat. While not a large carnivore we all know how threatened and stunning both Rhino and Elephant are and how magical it is when you get the chance to watch them in their natural habitats.

If you are interested in either please contact Annabel direct at and say you are an AfriCat Supporter!
These can be posted out to you in a tube. They might even make a good present . . . .