Okonjima and AfriCat is a symbiosis at work. Okonjima is an extensive tract of land nestling amongst the Omboroko Mountains some fifty kilometers south of the small town of Otjiwarongo. Visitors to Okonjima make the work of the AfriCat Foundation and AfriCat UK possible.

The key to the Okonjima experience is The AfriCat Foundation. In a symbiotic relationship, Okonjima's support (made possible by tourism) means that when a donor sponsors AfriCat, that sponsorship is directly and exclusively to support the charity.

The revenue provided to Okonjima through tourism means that AfriCat UK and the AfriCat Foundation can focus their resources entirely on their charitable aims of conservation, education and community enhancement.

Okonjima provides substantial financial support to AfriCat, including the following:

  1. the maintenance of the roads, the fences, the fire-breaks, river-crossings, and the buildings on Okonjima farm, as well as the up-keep of the airstrip.
  2. the acquisition of all new farmland and game introductions, and also supplies the reserve with water points and bore-holes, as well as the payment of all government land taxes.
  3. the supply via the national power grid anmd standby generators of electricity to the entire property.
  4. the installations and maintenance of all communication systems on the property. (telephones, 2-way-radios, computers) and all security on the premises.
  5. additional staff during 'large projects' and is responsible for the building and maintenance of all staff housing.

To observe magnificent wild animals in natural surroundings and to witness the rehabilitation efforts to return them to the wild, provides the visitor with the chance to come to know a little more about the story of Africa, its harmonies and its conflicts.

The wheel turns full circle as the traveller leaves Okonjima with the knowledge that through his/her visit, he/she has laid yet another stone in the road to recovery for Africa's carnivores.

The corner stone to success of conservation rests on that old adage "If it pays, it stays". Today in Namibia, a significant amount of the money which visitors spend during their time in the country, finds its way back into the programmes which aid in the conservation of the animals living there, education of children and adults and a strong relationship with the local community. This is the Namibia of today.

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Wildlife conservation and tourism naturally go hand in hand, and tourism remains the cornerstone of success and funding at Okonjima. All visitors to Okonjima contribute indirectly to the AfriCat Foundation by staying in the lodges and partaking in activities. 

Okonjima Lodge 2016
Situated halfway between the capital Windhoek and the Etosha National Park, the 55,000 acre Okonjima Game Reserve has some of the best accommodation in Namibia, but the highlight has to be the cheetah and leopard safaris, as Okonjima is home to The AfriCat Foundation. A non-for-profit Organisation that rehabilitates cheetahs, wild dogs and hyaenas giving you the opportunity to see these beautiful carnivores in their natural environment. If it’s a luxury safari you are looking for, then Okonjima has a Villa and Bush Suite where you will be truly spoiled, with your own chef and safari vehicle. There is accommodation to suit all budgets, from a private camp site to real safari lodges, but wherever you stay on Okonjima, you will be guaranteed an African safari to remember.

 View of Bush Suite at Okonjima

 view from your room at plains camp okonjima

 see leopard in the Okonjima nature reserve namibia